We design an elegant series of WordPress blocks to help you create the website you always wanted with ease. Let’s Start Designing Your Dream Site in Minutes with Blockspare!


  • Download to your plugin directory or simply install via WordPress admin interface.
  • Activate.
  • Go to page/post edit panel
  • Click on “+” sign
  • Get Blockspare blocks panel
  • You will get beautiful custom blocks on WordPress editor to build your site.


We design an elegant series of WordPress blocks to help you create the website you always wanted with ease.


  • Accordion
    Designed for expand and collapsible contents like FAQs, you will get advanced controls over the texts, colors, icons, etc.
  • Button
    Attractive Button appearance with fill and border layout option with hover effects. You can place the block on any of your contents where you want.
  • Container
    With the concept of contents group, you can add number of blocks inside the section so that you can take control over it with ease.
  • Content Box
    Predefined set of shape and side of image with title, subtitle, description and button elements, so that you can build amazing sections.
  • Counter
    Show your achievements, progress, involvements in the count in number running effects.
  • Call to Action
    Redefine your call to action section in outstanding way with the help of mandatory items like image, texts, color and button.
  • Empty Section
    If you want spaces, the block will give you the extra.
  • Icon
    Please have Font Awesome 5 Icons with unlimited color and advanced appearing options.
  • Icon List
    Whenever you want iconic bullet for your list, the block will let you have an option for it.
  • Image Carousel
    Display your precious images with multiple carousel option with advanced controls like gallery arrangements, columns, layouts, etc.
  • Image Masonry
    When you want a masonry grid for your image gallery this is going to be your go-to block.
  • Image Slider
    Create a functional and beautiful image slideshow with Image Slider block.
  • Logo Grid
    To show your associates, sponsors, awards,etc logos in a dedicated grid format/
  • Notice Bar
    Simply, notices, warnings and announcements should have it own design as it to be noticed.
  • Posts Carousel
    Group and show your articles in a carousel and let it slide with time.
  • Posts Grid
    The block with multiple grid options will help you to present your blog posts in columns.
  • Posts List
    A list of articles having number of display options will let you to sort posts archive.
  • Price List
    Show product and price inline with a nice-looking design for your website such as restaurant menu.
  • Price Table
    After an immense research on modern business sites, the block has been designed with a powerful, flexible and advanced controls for pricing comparisons.
  • Progress Bar
    Animated progress bar with customizable colors could be useful for displaying company history and achievements.
  • Section Header
    Only with the best title, you can show the worth content. The title/subtitle section with multiple appearances could lead to envision an enhanced header.
  • Services
    A flexible and powerful set of content section with customizable advanced controls like icon, texts, colors, button will help you to display your services in a contemporary manner.
  • Shape Divider
    Divide your individual sections with layered shapes along with unlimited color options.
  • Social Links
    Linking your social pages and platform to your block with easy mentions.
  • Social Sharing
    Let other people do share your contents to the leading web portals.
  • Star Rating
    The star will help you to show product, book. movie, game, food, etc, rating,
  • Tabs
    Group your specs, details or whatever you want in a toggle tabbed content format.
  • Testimonial
    A set of box with image upload, title, descriptions, etc to show a formal statement testifying to your’s feedbacks and references.
  • User Profile
    Basically, the user profile block can be place as an author box or author bio section with social contact icons.


  • 100+ Pre-designed Blocks Layouts
  • 30+ Custom WordPress Blocks
  • Gradients Color Effects
  • Font Awesome 5 Icons
  • Additional Block Options
  • More Re-arrangeable Inner Blocks
  • Trending layout packs
  • Highly customizable layouts
  • Shape divider with container
  • Gradient color and background
  • Image Masking Colors Effects and Filters
  • Box-shadow and borders

Let’s Start Designing Your Dream Site in Minutes with Blockspare!