Post Slider Block

You can loop post archives using a slider widget of posts with a range of layout variations.

Learn how to add a Blockspare Block


  • Choose the layout you prefer
  • Customize the entire slide with an image option
  • Manage post slide with a number, time, and navigation option
Free and Pro Comparison
Layouts 46
Content Order26
Slider to ShowYesYes
Gutter SpaceYesYes
Slider Speed OptionYesYes
Navigation StyleYesYes
Navigation on HoverNoYes
Navigation Size & ShapesNoYes
Display DotsNoYes
Post/ Page TypeYesYes
Order ByYesYes
Number of PostYesYes
Number of offsetsYesYes
Image SizeYes Yes
Equal Image HeightYes Yes
Title on HoverNoYes
Box ShadowNoYes
Border RadiusYesYes
Category StyleYesYes
Icon setting NoYes
Animation Options YesYes
Hover OptionsYesYes
Block Margin & PaddingYes Yes

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