What customization can be made in the Post block?

Blockspare is a powerful block Theme that provides more and more features to the User for a better block design while helping to build a beautiful site.

Post Block #

Layout Option #

The post Layout could be changed with Post content order with the option

Post Setting #

Post Type & Order: #

Post type to choose post or page and be selected with different order options.

Taxonomy: #

You could select the option either to choose the post type by Category or Tag.

Filter: #

Multiple Categories or Tags can also be selected from the option.

The number of posts: #

The number of post displays could be managed from here

Pagination: #

Load More post pagination can be enabled for the option

Offset: #

The offset of the post number items can be done from here.

Block Setting #

Image size: #

The quality size of the image of the post can be managed from the option

Columns: #

The number of columns to show can be set from here.

Equal Image Height: #

The equivalent height of the image or the original height can be set

Display: #

Enabling and disabling options for Title, Category, Author, Comment Count, Excerpt, and Read More can be set from here.

Title Hover: #

Different Hover options of tile can be selected

Category Border Radius: #

Category border-radius can be maintained from here

Category Border Width: #

Border width while selecting the category style border can be changed from the option.

Content Border Radius: #

Content border-radius can be changed

Box Shadow: #

Box shadow option with shadow effect setting and color option is present here

Category Style #

Solid, Border, or No background effect for the category can be selected

Typography Setting #

Font Size: #

Font size for Title and excerpt can be managed according to the device

Font Family and Weight: #

Can change the font design and weight

Color Setting #

Color: #

Color settings for Title, Link, General, and Title hover can be made changed from here

Category Color: #

Category Background, Text, and Border Color option is present here

Load More: #

Text, Background, and Loader Color can be maintained

Background Color: #

The Box background color can be changed

Icon Setting #

Author Icon: #

The icon shown before the name of the author can be changed

Date Icon: #

The icon shown before the date can be changed

Comment Count Icon: #

The icon shown before the number of Comments can be changed

Animation Option #

The animation for the whole block can be set from here

Hover Option #

The effect while hovering the block can be managed here

Gap Setting #

The margin and padding for the block and the content can be managed from the option

Slider Post Block #

Slider posts have an extra option to control the sliding time and navigation setting

Slider Setting #

Autoplay: #

Autoplay with the sliding speed can be set

Navigation: #

The navigation display and its hover can be set with different styles, sizes, and shapes can be changed here

Dots: #

Dots can be used for changing the sliding post

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