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A predefined set of shapes and sides of an image with title, subtitle, description, and button elements, so that you can build amazing sections.

Create and Preview Gutenberg Block

On Your Screen

Make Your Text Interesting.


  • Choose the font family, Font size, and other layout elements.

Make Your Image Attractive.


  • Modify the images using the background color opacity over the image.

Add Animation and Hover Effect to Block

Visual Effects

  • Choose an animation and hover style that will keep users interested as they scroll through and hover over your content box.

Incredible Content Box Will Inspire You

  • Discover beautifully designed content boxes and be inspired by how they display their work.


When you add it!

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Enter Subtitle

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With More Options

When you work on it!

Lady of Tomorrow


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Unlimited Miles for Super Delivery.


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Work From Home

Is this new trend ?

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Assembling Spares

Gathering with other blocks



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